My Story.
 My Mission.

Silambam is Tamilnadu’s one of the most ancient and traditional form of art that is known for its bravery. Silambam can be practiced as an exercise, for self defense and for exhibiting one’s talent. Before we start the practice of Silambam, I would like to share some valuable things with you all.

During the 19th century my great grandfather Arunagri and his son Gurusamy Naayakar (entitled as Amarar Silambam Naayakar) had a gurukulam that trained many people in the field of Silambam, Medicine, Magic etc.. Following the footsteps my grandfather Amarar Thiru. Arumugam Naayakar and my father Thiru.A.Boobalan have been training many people in the art of Silambam with sheer passion.

With keen interests from my childhood days I learned Silambam from my grandfather and father respectively. I then developed my skills on Silambam from
Silambam Aasan Amarar ‘Kalli’ Gopal,
Thiru.Krishna from AndhraPradesh ,
Pondicherry “Saarpatta Parambarai’ Thiru.Chinnappan,
Thanjavur CholaMazhi Silambam Master Zakhir Ammapalayam Thiru. Chellapan and
Erode Karungalpalayam Amarar Thiru. Aarumugham.

With help of this above Silambam knowledge trained many people for service including my wife Vijayakumari (Ex State Secretary TamilNadu Womens Silambattam Association) and my two sons Silambazhagan (B.Com (CA).,B.L.,P.G.Dip. in Silambam) and Silambamuthan(M.Tech (VLSI Design) .,P.G.Dip. in Silambam) . In the year 1984, I won the first place (50-60Kg category) in the 3rd state-wide Silambam competition organized by Tamilnadu Silambatam Association. I secured the first place and was endowed with the title of ‘Aasan Sigamani’ in the state level event organized by “Tamilnadu Udal Pathukappu kalai kazhagam” at Sivakasi.

The Grand Master

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I started my career as the chief student of the ‘Graamiya Silambaata Kalai kuzhu (Village Silambam art group)’. Then ‘Graamiya Silambaata Kalai kuzhu name changed as Silamboli Academy of Tamil Martial Arts. The Silamboli institute has been training thousands of young students.

Since 1984: Secretary of Silambam Association – Salem district.
Since 1987: State level Referee of Tamilnadu Silambatam Association.
1994: Referee of International Silambam Federation.
1995: Zonal secretary of Tamilnadu Silambatam Association.
: Referee of South Asian Federation (SAF) Games.
2000: Chief Zonal Secretary of Tamilnadu Silambatam Association.
2001: Honored as “kalai muthumani” from “kalai panpattuthurai”.
2005: Students are celebrated Silver Jubilee Year of Dr.Silamboli B.Rathinakumar and Awarded Silver Crown and Sliver Sword.
Since 2007: Treasurer of Tamilnadu Silambatam Association.
2013: Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) University Awarded Honoring Doctorate.

Based on the above experience, I built up a framework to teach Silambam to people irrespective of their age and gender in a customized manner, so that they can learn and teach the traditional Silambam art and spread the awareness.

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