Silamboli silambam

The most prestigious martial art of Tamil Nadu “Silambam” was taught as Gurukul, as a part time course or to make crowd happy in the traditional and holy festivals.
Gurukul was the only way of teaching in our master “Grand Master” B.RathinaKumar’s great grandparent’s era. Then in his grandpa’s and dad’s period, some people voluntarily learnt and some learnt to cheer the crowd during festivals. Silambam was taught by the Association with a name of “Gramiye silambatta kalai kulu”.
From 1975-1980, our master was leading from the front among the trainers with the name “Sattampillai”. Later from 1981, he became the chief in charge for this Association .

The lessons from the legendry teachers and a path shown by their parents and grandparents induced him to learn and teach effectively. He and his team took a chance to participate, Referee and organize events through “Tamilnadu Silambattam Association”, through which he created an opportunity to interact with Silambam Trainers and specialist around the globe. Our master always has an immense desire in taking the pride of Silambam throughout the world, so he dedicated himself towards the development of this martial art.

The Association was renamed as “Silamboli Academy of Tamil Martial Arts” replacing “Gramiye silambatta kalai kulu” from our GrandMaster Silamboli B.Rathinakumar. Thereafter daily class conducted at Silambagam and its branches, developed thousands of silamboli students.

Our master “Grand Master” B. RathinaKumar’s best coaching made the silamboli students to taste their victory consecutively in 5th,6th,7th state matches conducted by “Tamil Nadu silambatta kazhagam” and won “Dr. Madankumar Cup” for overall performance. Silamboli students also won prizes in first international games conducted by VGP Tamil Sangam. Our students also showed a great performance in the introductory function of “South Asian Silambam Competition”.

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